David Waite Martinson
Text from "Sketches Towards a Picture"Troy Hagenbart
Wall TestTroy Hagenbart
Color TestTroy Hagenbart
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Grow-Crawford House, Argyle, NY.
Troy Hagenbart & David Waite Martinson
Installation and Stenciling
December 1st - January 5th

Opening Reception:
Saturday December 1st

Mid-Reception Artist Talk:
8:15pm, 20 minutes
moderated by Jozeph Herceg, Bomblog Poetry Editor

Fountain is pleased to present a new exhibition featuring recent work by Brooklyn-based artists David Waite Martinson and Troy Hagenbart. The work of both artists will be displayed in Fountain's main space and integrated to create a natural dialogue – together speaking towards themes of illusion and process.

Taking inspiration in the functional, intimate aesthetic of the 19th Century Americana domestic home, Mr. Hagenbart will be showcasing No More Decoration Declarations (I'm Glad) – a large-scale wall painting created specifically for the occasion. Crafted from applied stencil work, the piece's close patterning and color interaction create a springboard for the viewer's perception of optical subtlety. A fluctuation of depth and movement is induced, and color is left hovering in an air that doesn't appear still.

Mr. Martinson will be presenting Sketches Towards a Picture, an installation comprised of handwritten documents, suspended objects, and recorded instruments. The piece is a gesture to create conditions for a music to arise, without explicitly sounding it – a music still open to be imagined in the mind's ear. Poetic but technically minded, the work points towards possibility – the mysterious and tantalizing feeling of reaching towards something yet not knowing exactly what it is. The installation like an arrow, it signals the viewer towards an imaginary musical place – a space to be lost in and that is yet to be filled.

The opening reception will include a short talk with the artists about the work exhibited and will be moderated by BOMBlog Poetry Editor Jozeph Herceg.

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